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Success Stories

New Network



An LA-based commercial real estate developer sold his company and was faced with establishing a completely new network in a new location.  Duffy Consulting was there every step of the way.  We worked with the new landlord to determine the most cost effective ISP and ensured that the cabling infrastructure would meet our client’s needs.


We migrated the client's very large email boxes from the legacy, on-premises email system to Office 365, a cloud-based Exchange service.  Through careful and thorough planning, the email downtime was minimized.  This required not only technical expertise, but also the ability to work in concert with the new owners of the legacy system.


We designed a new network from the ground up – provisioning security, access, wireless, VPN, storage, telephony and printing solutions.  This new network was installed and configured while the client moved their office – providing the client with a seamless transition to their new location.


Duffy Consulting managed the entire IT portion of this project so the owners of this business could continue to focus on their business.

Crisis Averted



We were recently engaged to evaluate the network infrastructure of a small but rapidly growing developer of student housing in Philadelphia.  A comprehensive review of the company’s most critical server revealed some important configuration issues which could have led to significant data loss.


Duffy Consulting presented several options to the client and worked through the various questions and concerns until we had a plan to fix this server.


Turning a problem into an opportunity, Duffy Consulting virtualized the server allowing this client to better leverage their existing hardware and provide room for future expansion.  We then implemented an offsite backup solution ensuring that the company’s data was securely protected.

Email Emergency



Recently a small law firm contacted us with peculiar problem with their email service.  Their email service provider was failing to send email messages.  Recognizing the crippling nature of this problem, Duffy Consulting was onsite within two hours of receiving the initial phone call.


Using various diagnostic tools, I quickly determined that this issue was likely with the service provider and attempted to resolve the issue with the service provider’s support hotline.  Unfortunately, the provider was less than responsive.  It was clear that an alternative was going to be necessary.


Duffy Consulting quickly provisioned a new hosted Exchange solution for this client and restored full email service less than 10 hours after receiving the initial call.  By the next morning all users were back online with their new email system.

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