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Technology Consulting



Many business owners are overwhelmed by technology.  The acronyms and tech-speak can make your head hurt!  Allow me to cut through the clutter and help you focus on what is important - GROWING YOUR BUSINESS!


As an experienced technology professional with a deep understanding of business processes, I can help you get the most from your current systems and when necessary, recommend and implement new systems.

Managed Services



If your network equipment could talk, what would it say?  Our managed service offering can answer that question!  Using industry best practices, monitors are put in place for all critical devices on your network allowing us to take a proactive approach in managing your network.


Don't react to problems on your network.  Allow me to proactively monitor your infrastructure to ensure maximum productivity from your IT investment.

Cloud Migrations



“The Cloud” is all the rage, but what does it mean?  Should your business use cloud services?  Where do you start?


Cloud services are a great way for small businesses to deploy enterprise grade tools without making enormous capital expenditures.  Cloud based email, storage, backup, and line of business applications all represent opportunities to improve your productivity and lower your costs.


From product evaluations, security considerations and planning and implementing your migration, Duffy Consulting can help.  We can help you identify those applications which can be migrated to the cloud and will be with you every step of the way.  




Small businesses often feel like they are held hostage by their legacy phone system.  Whether you use an old digital keyset or more traditional PBX system, implementing an enterprise grade, modern phone system is not difficult with Duffy Consulting’s help.


Small businesses can have the same features as a costly IP based phone switch at a fraction of the cost by implementing a hosted VOIP solution.  Advanced features such as call queues, automated call routing, user defined “follow-me routing,” custom hold messages, e-faxing and on-demand conferencing are all readily available at a very reasonable cost.

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